Monday, November 22, 2010

Go To Your Corner...

"He is my defender; I will not be defeated." Psalm 62:6

What does God do when we are in a bind? ... He fights for us!

He steps into the ring and points us to our corner and takes over.

“Remain calm; the Lord will fight for you” Exodus 14:14

His job is to fight. Our job is to trust.

Just trust. Not direct. Or question.

Or yank the steering wheel out of His hands. Our job is to pray and wait. ~ Max Lucado

I love the thought of Him pointing at me and tell me to get in my corner!

It "cools my jets" to know He is there and not only willing...but wanting, to handle things for me. As big and strong as I think I am....I think God might just see this.

Great reminder before the stress of the holidays begin....I'll be in my corner, how about you?

God, Thank You for being Our Defender.

In His Dust,



Anonymous said...

"be still and know that I am"" ring a bell....keep telling me!!

Unknown said...

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