Monday, November 8, 2010

Be Thou My Vision...

I walk way before the sun comes up- (ironically, hand in hand with The Son.)

There are regulars every morning on our path-there's
Paul, my friend with the African accent.
Kelly, who honks as he drives by.
Joe, who scares me from behind.
Josh, who high-fives as he passes.
The crowd at the bus stop- some speak- some stare.

I have no idea what these people look like in the am....
because all our communication is in the dark.

I do know their friendliness- their spirit.

God sees their eyes.
The very hairs on their head.
The worries of their heart.
He knows where they came from- where they're headed to- be it bus or car or foot.

Maybe I should operate more like this when the sun comes up?
Maybe I should stop worrying about whether they;
Think like me?
Look like me?
Vote like me?
Worship in the place I do?
Have the same stance I do on "that" church?

So, what I gathered from this morning's lesson from God was....
although I am not able to see much....
God is able to see it all.
And what I see, it just doesn't matter.

Be Thou my vision.
Be Thou our vision.

Thank You the constant availability of Your strong nail-scarred Hand.

In His Dust,