Monday, October 4, 2010

Class Reunion...

25 years?
What the heck.....
Where did it go?

What am I missing, in the moments, on the way to my destination.

One of the unique things about Alamo Heights; is the length in years we have connected to each other.
We sat next to each other as we learned to spell, read, writewe practiced adding & subtracting together. We learned to box step and fox trot on Wednesday nights, all in exchange for a Hershey Bar and a trip to Baskins for some Daquiri Ice.
We mastered toilet papering in the dark.
We sat together through Pep Rallies & football games, elections & tryouts....
We scooped poop. (Yeah, you read that right.)

Then, years later; we attended weddings, births & funerals.
We solved all of life's problems until wee hours of the morning at various ranches and local haunts.

We've now learned Facebook & texting together.
This alone, with God's Help, has kept us connected through years & miles.

A close friend and I walked & chatted with Jesus under the same moon- from here to Atlanta before the sun rose this morning.
The very same moon.

God's "night-light" shining down on my walk, was the exact same hanging for her getting kids ready for school in Atlanta.

We must look so small to Him- and yet, we have such a HUGE focus from Him.
All the details of our lives are under his watchful, loving eyes.
Maybe the moon is magnifying us to Him.
Maybe the sun shines through our every move to Him.

He loves us that much.
Look up wherever you are....and see.

God, thank You for hours well spent with old friends. May we now spend the same with You.

In His Dust,


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