Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So.... I got a couple of Evites this week
I RSVP'd no thank you-to both, because I had conflicts on my calendar.

I'm sure you all get as many as I do these days- for a party- for a fundraiser-for a shower etc.
I didn't have to think long about my reply, because I knew I was not available that night.
Of course, you, (and by you I mean, me.), always have to peruse the who said yes, no and my pet peeve category- the non- rsvp-ers!
Got me to thinkin'-what if the opportunities God invites us to, came by way of Evite?

Dear Debbi, you have been invited to stop what you are doing right now-and just listen to someone.

Yes? No? Maybe?
Dear Debbi,
Are you available to change YOUR plans to do something in MY Plans?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Dear Debbi,
Are you available to set aside your scheduled familiar day to do something out of your comfort zone in My Name?
Yes? No? Maybe

Now, if God did choose to include us in this way....(and don't kid yourself, He could...He IS The One that turned on the sun today- really- look outside!)

If He invited us by Evite, your reply and your comment as to why you aren't coming-
It would be in front of The Host & entire list.

Guess what?
It already is.

What's it gonna be?

God, Thank You for the opportunities You offer us...constantly.

In His Dust,

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Anonymous said...

I had a mom once say to me...."my time, my time". For years I tried to understand, then realized she was actually setting time aside for herself. I still haven't learned that one, but do try to set aside time for others- especially God, each day. Thanks for this blog. I think it is wonderful ! - Lori