Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Contrary to Popular Belief...

Churches are taking a hit on TV this week.

Monday night I watched Larry King....It was all about suicides and bullying gay teens. It was heart breaking.

One of the panelists placed some of the blame on church leaders- and their judgmental stance on homosexuality.

Watched Glee last night- it was all about "Grilled Cheesus."
It was funny and entertaining, as usual. However, last night it made me sad.
It was all about questioning the existence of God.
At one point, Kurt said "Churches hate gay people."

While I cannot speak for other churches, I can speak for mine.
We don't hate ANY people.

At the risk of speaking for God Himself….
I will speak for what I know of Him.

The God I know doesn’t hate anyone. The Christians I know and worship with.....they don’t either.
as a matter of fact....
it's the exact opposite.

At the end of Glee, they sang, “What if God was one of us?”

Well, guess what?

He is.

He was.

God, Thank You for commanding us NOT to judge and to love EVERYONE.

In His Dust,


Ryan Jacobson said...


Cayce and Joel Harris said...

thanks for voicing this debs, so sad that unashamed love is not the very defining characteristic of the "church." i'm glad He said His very name IS love. may it be ours too.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love this blog!
To quote one of my many fav Glee characters: "God doesn't make mistakes."

Rod Bowles said...

Love Ya Deb!!! When people ask me what religion I belong to (and they do), I say I am a recovering catholic. He-He! As a gay man it took me decades to realize that some (not all) priests/pastors did not speak for God when they said "God hates homosexuals". I really did think that he hated me because I was gay. I realized I was gay when I was in the 3rd grade. (they used a different term back then). I, like Sue Sylvester in Glee, thought I could pray the gay away. As a child, I thought I was not praying hard enough.....I would even pull all nighters praying.....crying......begging God to take the "gay"away. Many times I just wanted to die. I really, really did. I could not see a future for myself in this world that hated gay people and then to add insult to injury I thought when I die I will go to hell because God will never let me in because that is what my religion says. So as a child, I thought, how do I choose which hell to be in. It breaks my heart that children are still going through this. I do not believe in "religions" but I do believe in God and Jesus Christ. BTW: He did answer my prayers when I was in my early 30's......he gave me the courage and stregnth to live honestly, passionately and in love. God Bless you always and the wonderful work you do!!!!! XOXO