Thursday, September 9, 2010


Pastor Jones,

Correct me if I am mistaken, but you come from the DOVE World Outreach Center, correct?

Have you read Genesis? Have you properly understood the symbol of the Dove?
Do you understand that WORLD OUTREACH means reaching out to the world...reaching out- not punching out and burning down the world.

This means loving and praying for those that do not believe as you do.

You and your church claim to follow Jesus.
Now, while I am not questioning your intent and desire to follow Him
I am definitely questioning your perception of His Message.

My understanding of Christ, through my studies and much more importantly , my personal relationship with Him, indicate very clearly and without any question...
He is about Love....He is about Peace....He is about praying for others....loving them...not judging them....He loves God first and others second.

As a Christian, I am ashamed of your stance in His Name. I am also, going to be looking closer at where I am misunderstanding Your Word and missing the mark so terribly.

God, Please teach us all to put love before passion, at all times.

In His Dust,

P.S. On a lighter note- you gotta handle that mustache of yours. It is eerily reminiscent of Yosemite Sam.


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Anonymous said...

And AMEN! Let's us Christians finally show the way we follow Jesus is by our LOVE!

LJFredricks said...

Ashamed and outraged.