Monday, June 21, 2010

Holy Polys...

So the story you are about to read is the truth and only the truth...the names have been changed to protect the innocent....although I am not sure there are any.

I go outside on the playground during check on the shorties---they are climbing, jumping, swinging, sliding laughing...and then waaaayyyyy far a dark muddy corner....I see this.

Doodle Bug Hunters.
Me: "Rollins, Katie Bug, whatcha doing over there?"
(They jump to attention...and smile...but with a crazy guilty look in their little eyes...)
Rollins: "Hi! What?!
Katie Bug: Hi! Ummmm...
Me: What are you freaks doing down there?
Rollins: Ummmm....well......ok. We are looking for "Holy Polys" and we are gonna find 'em.
Katie Bug: Yep.

With this they turn back immediately to their hunting expedition.

Imagine after all these years- to find out the little creatures that I have been calling Doodle Bugs or Roly Polys...were actually referred to as HOLY Polys....all this time.

It's true, you really do learn something new every day.

I am not sure if the new name "Holy Polys" are because they were hunting in a 2 feet deep x 1 inch wide pile of wet mud at Vacation Bible School, or maybe because it is on church property, but I like the new name.

I like it alot.

As I return from the safari....I start finding these homemade "quilts" all over the church
upon closer inspection...I see the messages on each of them

God Loves YOU...and UOY...
(the message here being He loves you backwards and forwards)

I Love God.

God's Word is true.

Jesus is God.

I guess...I found some of my own little-bitty, yet, profoundly large Holy Polys after all.

May your day be filled with finding Holy Polys every where you turn.

God, Thank You for placing Your reminders everywhere we the ground, on the wall and even all over muddy little girls.

In His Dust,

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Anonymous said...

love it! I, too, saw them there last week. Love the innocence (and wisdom) of children.