Monday, February 15, 2010

MacBook, Philippines & Jeremiah 29:11...

I apologize for the late post.
I got a new MacBook Pro and I am in the process of trying to learn what is what, where is where and how is how.
It started out simple with all Mac Products...the packaging is half the fun.
How could this possibly be difficult?
I mean, I really should be working the Genius bar as far as the iPhone goes....and iTunes as much different could this be from my dear old Dell?

Apparently, alot.

It is brain is nerves are shot and my patience is way passed long gone and quite frankly I was still reeling from some very hurt feelings over the weekend. I have spent 2 days on and off at The Apple Store, transferring data...and today about 2 hours on the phone with my new BFF from the Philippines. What is her name you ask? No clue.

She told me about 5 times....but it did not resemble anything remotely that I was able to understand enough to repeat.

However, then God entered our frustrating conversation.

Her: You work for church?

Me: Yes, Ma'am...I am in ministry and love it.

Her: You like a Christian person?

ME: Yes, Ma'am, I am.

Her: We the same people. I am what you call Christian person too.

Me: Wow- that is great to hear. Do you have a church in the Phillipines?

Her: I have church, it like Baptist and Pentecostal. I like music. I sing and they call me, how you say....worship leader.

Me: That is really cool. You are a true blessing to me right now. What music do you like?

Her: I like songs.

Me: Yes, Songs are definetly one of my favorite kinds of music. Who do you listen to?

Her: I like Hillsongs.

Me: I like them very much. I used to love the song "Yes and Amen", (which I sang a part of to her....please rest assured she wanted to hang up the phone at this point, but I was paying for technical support, so she was trapped.

*At this point she began sharing with me some of her personal struggles and desires, which amazingly were similar to many of mine.

Her: Miss Debbi, Do you know I trust God with my life because He say in His Bible, "He has plans, not bad, but good -they are for me."

Me: With tears in my eyes, I quickly realized, this call was more than was a Divine appointment. I knew immediately the verse she spoke of was Jeremiah 29:11....which is the verse of my life. I told her That I believed God orchestrated this very moment and conversation. It was something we both needed to hear.

She invited me to the Phillipines and asked if she could come to Texas to ride a horse with me.

I said Yes, and Amen.

God, Your timing and ability to make yourself known is impeccable. I was tired, frustrated and broken hearted today...and there You were, in the least of expected places. Thank you and I love You.

In His Dust,


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