Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Whoa there Tiger, it's not dirt!


Many people, have no idea why we walk around on Ash Wednesday with dirty black smudges on our foreheads. I will personally make an "ash" out of myself probably 3-4 times today, at the very least...when I approach total strangers everywhere from HEB to The Argyle to tell them they have "something on their forehead." I do it every year. When I remember and walk away from them, it's my own personal walk of shame.

Couple things we need to cover-

First of all, it’s not a smudge of dirt, or a really bad mascara job. It’s supposed to be a cross drawn with ashes. However, some of the people "drawing" the ashes are given a more artistic gift than others. Either way, it gets the job done.

Second of all, not to be a Debbie Downer, but here I go, the ashes represent our mortality and are an outward sign of our sinfulness.

Why does anyone want to be reminded of this?
Because it’s true. We tend to forget we are mortal –

"We are dust, and to dust we shall return" Genesis 3:19.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent which is basically, "prep time" for Easter.

Lest you be confused, real preparation for Easter is NOT figuring out what is for lunch and who is hosting it this year....who all will be invited and where they will sit....what you will wear and what your kids will wear...and oh, the big discussion of all before Easter- WHAT ARE YOU GIVING UP???? I've been involved in many conversations the past 2 days...giving up Facebook, Twitter, phones in the car, salt, liquor, meat, sweets, flour...I have even gotten some calls asking if it was ok to add something rather than give it up.

Preparation for Easter.....Lent.....the sacrifices, additions and reminders....are all meaningful if they are done with an honest heart.

True preparations are done in your soul. So, when we look in the mirror or see someone else, with that black smudge on the forehead, we should all be reminded that, no matter what, we are still sinners in need of grace and forgiveness.

Our God is alive and active.He is calling on us to "get a hold of ourselves" and "get it together" as we approach the greatest celebration of all times – Easter. The Resurrection of Christ!

So if you do wear ashes today or you do give up something for Lent..make sure you wear and give up with the greatest of humility.

God, Thank You for Your gift of Easter and the 40 days of Lent to prepare for it.

In His Dust,

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Pops and Nana said...

Thanks for a beautiful post, Honey Baby!!
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