Saturday, December 19, 2009


"Joseph was the husband of Mary, and Mary was the mother of Jesus. Jesus is called the Christ." -Matthew 1:16

In one moment, a promise from heaven came,

that God would use her to send His Son.

Why did God use these people? He didn't have to.

Couldn't He have just laid the Savior on a doorstep.
Would have been simpler that way. And why does God tell us their stories?...

Simple.... He wants us to know He can use all of us...any of us.

No more worries. Time for rest. Time for rescue. Time for a redeemer.

Through Jesus, God announced and is still announcing, to a doubtful world,

"See, I did it. Just like I said I would."

God, Thank You for Your indescribable gift.

In His Dust,


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Anonymous said...

you make believing so is a joy to listen to your words. Christ lives in you and has certainly guided your heart and are so loved by all