Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Fish...

So, I'm driving around with this on the back bumper of my car...

Now, usually, I just embarrass Jesus with my impatient driving with the "regular fish."
However, being a special time of year...I have taken it up a notch and am reminding everyone as I speed by them honking...and glaring because they are not driving fast enough...that I am remembering "The Reason For The Season."

When I roll my eyes in HEB because they are not checking me out fast enough...I walk to the car that has....The Fishes.

Clearly, I need at least the Christmas Fish staring at ME, from my dashboard. I am the one who needs reminding. Not the people behind me.

God, Thank You for reminding me, every time I pass by my bumper, that Christmas requires no rushing.

In His Dust,


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