Wednesday, June 25, 2008


As my blog yesterday stated, I was starting the "patience project"
I should have known when I asked God to give me some patience, He would provide plenty of opportunities to grasp the concept. Oh, and He did.
I felt as if, the entire world was in on "game" At one point, I thought I could hear everyone around me saying-let's push all her buttons!
well, you should know, in the spirit of honesty- I failed, miserably.
However, I start again, fresh today....since "His Mercies are new every morning"-
Bring it on!
He has got the whole world in His Hands-and since I KNOW that fact...
I can slow down and rest in that- and notice the blessings around me in being patient-
Thank You Lord for the chances you offer us, over and over again- to get it right.
Grace and Peace,


LJFredricks said...

patience is not just sitting back and smiling while counting to ten. It is an exersize. Flex that muscle and hold it 1-2-3 etc.
Romans 5:3-4
AND think of 1 little tour leader trying to "encourage"about 40-50 people up a mountain at HIS pace;)
Love ya!

Debbi's Blog said...

outstanding point!
thanks Lis-