Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don McMurray...

This is Don McMurray.
He headed off "searching for the pearly gates," Monday evening. Although, I know good and well, he was not out searching- but was sought out...and carried home gently and with great pride..

He was our friend. Out of 5,300 members at our church...Don had one of the strongest servants heart I have ever known.
My first day of work was spent digging fence posts at a Habitat for Humanity House, with Don, David Reed and Scott Heare. Habitat was one of Don's great passions.

I can only imagine how many children are crawling into their OWN beds, in their OWN rooms in their OWN homes tonight...thanks to Don for being the Hands and Feet of Christ.

We sat across from each other on the front row of Bible study...and traded jabs and laughs, for years. He constantly referred to his Bible Commentary and "added info" to what we were reading. He was always wanting to know see help be more....

The last conversation I had with him was a few days ago-
his body was weak...but his humor was strong. There are not many people that make me laugh out loud....but Don did. The conversation went something like this-
Me- "We are all praying for you"
Don- "Let me get this straight, you are trying to tell me, that all 5300 members, who we can't get to come to church...but they are all sitting around praying for me?"
Me- "yes, it is a 24 candlelight vigil...Donna is leading it on the front steps"
Don- "Well, I would come, but I am a little busy right now, I am trying to find the rapture"
Me- "That is a good project for you"
Don-"Since you work at the church, do you happen to know when I am getting picked up?"
Me- "Well, none of us know the answer to that one"
Don- "True. Good point"
Don-"So, let me get this straight, if I get stuck in purgatory, YOU are who the church is sending to help? Debbi, Baby, I am not sure you can find your way back to Alamo Heights from here at Hospice."
Me-"Yep. If it is on a Tuesday, but don't worry I'll bring McNitzky and Reed"
Don- (big grin.)
It is a rare gift to make someone laugh.

To have the desire in your darkest make someone else giggle?
I will never forget.

Thinking of others until the very end...Just like Jesus. Which was a common pattern in all the days of his life.

Don will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, yes, THE one, among other heroes and those who deserve our deepest gratitude.

Thank you God, for Don McMurray and his life and humor.

Well done good and faithful servant and friend...
I will see you at the gym upstairs.

Grace, Peace and gratitude to His family and to him,


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Judith said...

Don, a man of character,
courageous and blessed with a great sense of humor. His sweet smile and emotional support will be greatly missed by his extended family. Lovingly, Judith & Larry