Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sanford and Son...

As many of you know...we are opening "The Foundry" soon.It is our coffee shop for the church-
Michael and Cindy have been working around the clock, (while also both selling their homes, changes...etc...)
Needless to say, they have been stressed and praying for some help-
A specific concern for them yesterday morning, unbeknownst to us, was a for a table-

Good news...God heard and answered.
Bad news....We had to go dumpster diving in '09 to assist
On our way to staff lunch yesterday...Cari, Dinah, Darrell and myself noticed a Chili's dumpster...which was filled with furniture they were giving away. hmmm...

The next thing you know...there we are "dumpster diving in 78209".
We could see this sign in our hearts-Loading up two booths..and three tables...100 degrees outside...a preganant woman, a pastor, and apparently Lamont and Fred Sanford....

We crammed it all in my car and headed down to deliver it-
Please tell me you can hear the theme song from "Sanford and Son" It will enhance your reading today if you can hum it as you are reading.

So we are ready to be the Hands and Feet of Christ and deliver the goods-
Bad news- we were locked out of "The Foundry"
Good news- We just HAPPENED to drive by Cindy at someone else's home where she had the key. Well, we get down to "The Foundry" we are buried in furniture and nails sticking in places that remain unmentionable. The noises in my car, amidst the hysterical laughter, were hysterical laughter and moaning. Below is my favorite is what Darrell referred to as SACRIFICE. (please take note of the gum and nails sticking out of the table) When we finally got there...after a wrong exit by me, Lamont...
We got the furniture in...and immediately noticed....a "God Winking" moment-the booths and tables were the same color as the newly painted was a perfect fit!

God pays attention to detail and hears every prayer-Sometimes He requires us to go through a "dumpster" to get the answer...and when I don't make the effort - I am the "Big Dummy"-

Thanks be to God, for His Patience and Constant Provision-

Grace and Peace,



Darrell said...

Learn to drive whilst having a conversation and operating an iPod. Scare-E

How about 5 'cross yo lip you big dummy.

Anonymous said...

Its the big one...You hear me Elizabeth I'm going to join you.

You just dumb son -- just dumb.