Monday, November 28, 2016

The Giving Tree....

My Mom is the Giving Tree.
Anyone that knows her, or knows of her, is very aware of this.

She shines all the time, but never brighter than at Christmas time.
I got to see the splendor of my Mom's talent and generosity again last our house transformed into a place Santa would be proud to live in...and more importantly, a place The Birth of Christ is honorably celebrated.....

It is amazing- 
The needlepointed ornaments decorate almost every branch of the tree.....they are each personalized and tell a story or describe one or all of us at some point in our lives....
not to be outdone are the personalized Santas
 and pillows that make everyone in our home feel that they are known and loved.
And of course, the stockings are hung by our chimney with care....
and the care began in the planning of each and every piece.

I have watched my mom needlepoint for years....and it is always for someone else....
I have watched her in hospital waiting rooms and on her chair and numerous other places
and almost every time I ask, "what are you needlepointing?"
The answer is, "a stocking for so and so's grandbaby" or "I'm finishing a stocking for so and so because she didn't have time....and Christmas is coming...
or "I am working on this ornament for so and so, she doesn't know how to needlepoint"

Mom always has time for someone else first. I believe Jesus is quite pleased with her understanding of His Command to "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Each Christmas, I see the the work of her hands and heart, everywhere.

And when I see these pieces of art....I remember, what she was doing when she made it.....and who she was helping out....or who she was trying to make feel special or known.
and sometimes i am floored by her and other times, I am not the slightest bit surprised.

I was looking through pictures this morning of some of her work, and realized there were a minimum of 8 stockings for people i had never even heard of.....(this was just in one album.)

She clearly pays attention to The Very Words of Jesus Himself, Who said ,"It is more blessed to give than to receive."

I have walked in to many a home at Christmas and seen the work of her hands and heart hanging on friend's trees and mantles

Lisa called last night in a panic, because she thought she had lost all of her ornaments....(spoiler alert: she found them, hours later)
many of which were needlepointed by my mom...As she started describing them and each one had a story...or memory. Which reminded me that one of the best parts of my mom is 
that she does it all quietly, without fanfare without looking for a pat on the back...
unlike myself, who, rest assured, would be blogging about my blisters and exhaustion over making a stocking or ornament for someone else. 
As a matter of fact, this blog will make probably make her uncomfortable- but,
too bad Weezer- the Christmas cat is out of the bag- and it's time for you to be thanked- as well as acknowledged for being the coolest grandmother ever-
complete with a shocking pink tree filled with personalized ornaments 
for each perfectly precious little girl....

I am the recipient of so many of these- and this year, Advent has reminded me that not only has Jesus come to live among us on that Holy Nite- 
But that He is coming back!!!
He wants us to know we are loved and known by him.
I have my Mom to think for the physical example of this.

God, Thank You for creating each of us in Your Image, I see you clearly in my Mom. 

In His Dust,


Day said...

So true!!! We love our Weezer!!!! And she does beautiful work!!!

Dad said...

oh my goodness wonderful tribute
to your wonderful Mom I love you Dad

Unknown said...

Love this!! Busy hands that serve wonder you're such a great DCC!!!

Unknown said...

Your Mama is sweet, smart, creative, loving and kind...
Thank you for showing some of her beautiful creations.
All of us are Blessed to have her in our lives.
Happy Holidays! Love you all, Jeannie

Lil said...

You and your Mom are beautiful!! Thank you for being you!!
Love you, Honey Baby!

Debbi's Blog said...

thank you all for the kind heartfelt words!!!