Monday, October 3, 2016


It's no secret how much I love Alamo Heights. 
and a Mule.

When asked about what to do with Children, 
Jesus said--- Bring. Them. On.
So when an opportunity presents itself,
for all of these things in one place.....
You know where you can find me.
a crowded gym full of little people in all their garb....
basically, playing "monkey see, monkey do."
It was in the midst of this happy chaos, that God pointed out- 
all of the encouraging going on...
It was going in all directions....back and forth....

cheering FOR the crowd....

and the crowd cheering FOR the cheerleaders....
It was almost like a tennis match going back and forth.
It was an explosion of encouragement.

It made me realize how we cheer each other on. 
Even if our cheers look like an Elaine Bennis dance party.

Or a possible 80's Breakdance move.
We cheer each other on, because of love, not because of performance.

God Himself tells us-
"Encourage each other and build each other up,
Just as you are already doing." ~1 Thessalonians 5:1

For some of you, 
this summer was spent giggling around pools & lemonade stands....
For others of you, 
those same months were spent at MD Anderson or at funerals that seemed way too sudden...
because they were.  

The sun has a tendency to beat down not only on your scalp, 
but sometimes your soul.
and even in the midst of that,
Looking back, you will see that in each of those days, 
God was there and even provided cheerleaders...encouragers.

Our God is good.
All. The. Time.

And now...He gives us Fall. 
A fresh start-
And mornings bring cooler air, to remind us of His New Mercies.

God HIMSELF is cheering us on. 
Every moment, of every day.

Never forget we are all riding on our Father's Shoulders.
God, Thank You for a new season of fresh cooler days....we are filled with hope and encouragement in the days to come. 

In His Dust,

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