Monday, December 12, 2016

Light Of The World...

"For Unto Us A Child Is Born" ~Isaiah 9:6

Children tell The Christmas Story with courage. 
They simply "draw" what they understand. 
They have no fear of judgment in their understanding of Him. 
Oh, that we could all be this confident.

"The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us, 
We have seen His Glory, The Glory of The One and Only Son, 
Who came from The Father, full of grace and truth."~John 1:14

Lesser known tidbits about this evening:

"Jofuss" and Mary were clearly overcome with "jaw-dropping" emotion...
at the sight of Jesus...maybe because he was wearing goggles?
"Jofuss"....grew a mustache...and I am afraid to say, Mary might have as well.
But it didn't stop their joy and celebration one bit!!!

This was the "Jesus had pink eye" &
"Joseph had been up all night looking for a pharmacy" 
 Also, unable to find room in the Inn was Ziggy or possibly Charlie Brown. 
And then Jesus got a little over-excited with the lip liner....
Then Lo and Behold, Batman appeared and said.
He apparently brought a Hello Kitty Bow to wrap Jesus in. 
and "Mr. Bill" was wrapped in swaddling clothes.....
He was hiding from Mr Sluggo, 
aka Herod, who was "gonna be mean to Him."
Meanwhile, unfazed Jesus wasn't at all worried.....
He Knew He could Trust His Father.
And so can we.

This season if you do know Him. 
look a little closer.....

If you don't know Him, please know, this isn't a children's fairy tale. 
It is the very true story of 
God appearing in the flesh to live among us.
This seems like a good time to be looking for 
light in dark places and even better....
to reflect the light in those very places. 

God specializes in sending light to the dark places....
and one night over 2000 years ago....He sent His One and Only live among us and BE light to our dark world.....Whatever you picture and however you draw the faces....
Let us greet Him with open eyes, ears and hearts....
 Let Us Adore Him......

Thank You God, for coming to live among each and every one of us-

In His Dust,

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