Monday, April 6, 2015

Nobody's Cuter Than You....

I'm not a big reader. 
I never have been.
Odds are strong I might not ever be. 
However, when Melanie Shankle writes a book. I read it. 
Apparently, so do several others, as evidenced by her being a New York Times Best Selling Author. Not once, but Twice. 
I suspect strongly, after the newest one releases today, April 7th...
we just might find ourselves in the presence of a THREE timer. 

Her newest book, "Nobody's Cuter Than You" A memoir about the beauty of friendship, releases today----you can buy it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walmart...among other places.

In this book, she has written about one of my favorite subjects and two of my favorite people.
Herself and Gulley...their friendship and the beauty of all friendships. 

I have had the privilege of front row seats to the "Mel & Gulley Show" for several years. 
I've seen backstage...and on stage...I've seen celebrations and heartbreak, I've seen tense moments and possible pants-wetting laughter...
One thing never changes, it's always the same....they are True Blue.
They are tender, kind and funny. 

My friend Nancy has always referred to good trusty friends as, "bluetick hounds." 
Blue tick hounds are affectionate, loyal and uniformly devoted. They become like family members. I have been very blessed, to have multiple "blue ticks" in my life....and while reading this book I was able to walk down my own memory lane, as will you. 

This book provides a chance to reflect, to forgive, to howl with laughter and most importantly, remind you to soak up the very friends you have right in front of you.

Melanie Shankle is a humble, brave and very funny writer. She really puts herself out there. She invites her readers, not only to her memory lane, but to recall their own.  

I can't wait for you to read this book and take your own journey down memory lane. 
Within these pages, I found wise counsel, Biblical truth and may or may not have spit out my Diet Coke at some of the stories. 
The stories on these pages are true, tender, funny and Biblical. 
Just like my friend Mel.
God, Thank You for the friends you have poured in to my life....for how You have used them to bring love and laughter to me. My Cup runneth over with how well you have filled my life with friendship.
In His Dust,

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