Monday, April 20, 2015

Just Dance...

Crocker's sermon yesterday was about Uptown Funk and Prayer.

Yes, it was.

He found himself on a dance floor, when a flash mob broke out. 
Not knowing "the" dance, he didn't leave the floor...he did his own.
He went rogue.

That's how prayer is.
You can follow a pattern....or do your own dance.
There is NOT a wrong way...or a secret formula to "get what you want"

It is not rare to hear someone call the church and say,
"since you have a direct line to God, can y'all pray for...."

That question always makes me sad.
I want us all to know that we have the same direct line...
It doesn't matter where we work, how often we go to church or which "dance" we do...
When we talk to God we are all on equal footing.
"The Lord is near to all them that call on Him." - Psalm 145:18
This little girl has the same access to The Throne as the Pope or Billy Graham.
That includes you. And me.
Proof of purchase is found at The Empty Tomb.
Which, by the way, 
It is STILL very empty.

"Pray without ceasing"- 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Your line to God is as clear as a you would like for it to be.

God, Thank You for opportunity to Dance with You....

In His Dust,


Unknown said...

Moving insight, Debbie.

Cayce and Joel Harris said...

Love this, Honey Baby!!

Lil said...

Love this, Honey Baby!! I inadvertently sent this under cayce and joel's account!