Monday, April 7, 2014


Downstairs in the land of shorties, there is some serious science going on. 
What began as a "let's grow a butterfly kit"....ended in a clear reminder from God.
I must admit, I may or may not have asked Miss Amy and Miss Jennifer to remind me of how the whole thing works.....
What? Like I was gonna listen to Mr. Comer when Shawn Gulley and Drew Stewart were sitting next to me???

Anyway, apparently, there is an egg that turns to a caterpillar...
that forms a chrysalis and then.....wait for it.....a butterfly comes out. Poof. 
  However, I was informed by one certain feisty little blonde, 
that I needed to be real careful...because a butterfly was about to come out of a raccoon.
 I'm sorry...can you repeat that Bill Nye in a wig? 
And she did....Emily Nye Jones assured me that a raccoon would soon be a butterfly. 
"It went in as a worm and is coming out better!"
She was challenged by other scientific wizards...
such as Blake and Ryan... "it's not a Raccoon it is a Chriff-ta-lith."

However, she stood her ground.
And for that I applauded.
Because she got what mattered....they all did....
What is coming out is better.

No matter what we call it....or how we picture it....something beautiful is coming out. 

And make no mistake.....Easter is on it's way....
The tomb will not stay empty....
The cross will not bind Him....
No raccoon on this earth can keep Him from us.

"In the shadow of Your Wings I will rejoice" ~Psalm 63:7

God, Thank you for science....for things we don't understand....for an empty tomb.

In His Dust,

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