Monday, January 14, 2013


Charlie coined himself, the church office curmudgeon. 
Before getting to know him, I might have believed it, 
just by the sign that hangs in between our desks. 
However, I have always been a "Grandfather's Girl."
I've never met a Granddaddy I didn't like. 

So, Charlie posing as a curmudgeon didn't match up. 
No one at the church fell for it either...although we let him think we did...out of respect.
He wasn't His cover was blown every Thursday, 
when he would show up with donuts for us and our kids. 
Our morning conversations went like this-
Me: How do you do today Grandfather?
Charlie: Do what!? (in curmudgeonesque tone)
Me: Anything, everything.
Charlie: I do all of it well. Very well.

This was the truth. Although, the only thing he didn't do well was acting as a curmudgeon.

Anyone that knew Charlie knew he probably had the solution to just about anything. 
He made our office, our church and The Kingdom of God a better place.
We would all be wise to seek out these elders in our lives.

Grandfather, you didn't fool me...I know full well that God has already said many times, 
"Well done good and faithful servant." 
I sure am gonna miss you...and our talks about wine, tennis & doctor's waiting rooms.

God, Thank You for the lives that touch our's.

In His Dust,

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