Monday, October 29, 2012


My sister in law's parents recently returned from Amsterdam. 
I didn't know much about it...I may or may not have just learned this very moment, that it is the capital of the Netherlands. Thank you Wikipedia.

Why didn't I know about it?? Well,there is a slight to strong possibility that I was not paying attention in World Geography. 

Which in my defense, was 1st period of my Senior year and our class was filled with people constantly distracting me. 
Francie,Tom, Beth, Grady, Stacey, Shawn, Lori, I am talking to you.....

Come on, we were doomed for failure from the first day of Fall 1984.

The good news? We were blocks away from a 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts....and our teacher was able to be bought off with Big Gulps and Munchkins. 
So we all made A's however, if you ask most of us from that class where something is...chances are slim to none, we won't be much help.

However, great news, redemption came to cover my lack of attention and care for the cities of the world Saturday night.
I was given a full blown report on Amsterdam by my nieces. 
Quite frankly, who wouldn't prefer to learn about gorgeous little people dressed in different colored skinny jeans and shiny flats??
me, that's who.

So, here is what you need to know.
Apparently "Hamsterdance is a far away land....
like the kind of far away where Shrek lived."
According to 3 certain people under the age 8, "it is a place where hamsters dance" 

"Yep, that's what they do there.....Dance."

All day.
All night.
That is what the far away land of Hamsterdance is known for.
It sounds like a great way to pass the days and nights away if you ask me.
Yes, indeed.
 The conversation made me wonder, 
Where was I not picturing enough joy...enough dancing???

God used 3 giggling, gorgeous nieces to remind me of His Promise. 
"I have come that you may have real life, 
a more & better life than you have ever dreamed of."- John 10:10

God, we live in a world filled with arguing politicians, hurricanes and wars. 
May we always look for the dancing hamsters.

In His Dust,

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dance on little girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!