Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Matter What...

I like politics - Watching our Founding Father's system play out on our modern day map fires me up...
(possible nerd alert)

Whether we are across from each other at EZ's, or side by side in the stands watching football or baseball games...this election has worn me out.
All the commercials and yard signs and emails- do they make you feel claustrophobic, rushed and panicked. Or was that just me?

Hearing people say they aren't voting, because they believe our country is doomed either way....
Gimme a break people!!  We aren't electing a Messiah.

So, I went out to pray and walk off Teka's...and the possible M&Ms I might have had.

My daily walk on the golf course- although always pretty, 
was exceptionally beautiful today....

I was reminded with this gorgeous view....
He's Big y'all. 
He's not JUST Big.  
He's Big and Brilliant and Just. 
He's The Creator of The Universe....and of you and me. 
Might I remind you and myself, that neither Obama or Romney had any say-so,
over where the ocean starts and stops. 
Nor did they have a peep to say about where or when, you and I came to be.

He knows what's best. 
So, on this important day, while our responsibility to country and each other, must not be taken lightly. Let's keep in mind....

"In Jesus' Name, the nations will put their hope." ~Matthew 12:21

The last time I checked, Obama was not crucified for you and I assume you were not baptized in the name of Romney. 
Let us keep our heart and heads focused on one fact, that doesn't require numbers or polls or even swing states. 

No matter what- 
The sun will set...
The stars will shine...
The moon will hang...
Seasons will change...
You will breathe in and you will breathe out... 
And most of all The Son will rise again. 

"Be Still and know that I Am God; I will be exalted among the nations.
 I will be exalted in the Earth." -Psalm 46:10 

God, Thank You for blessing our country. Please help us keep the proper perspective on Who is truly running things.

In His Dust,


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Lil said...

Beautifully said, Honey Baby! Amen and Amen!!
Your Zambian parents, Lil and Mike :)