Monday, August 6, 2012


"I will say of The Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress; 
my God, in Him I will trust." ~Psalm 91:2

It's 200 degrees in San naturally at 3:00, it is time for a lemonade stand.
Of course the stand itself was semi-in-the-shade...which was a much lesser 180 degrees.

However, I had the bright idea of sending King Drew & Austin out to Broadway, 
where the traffic was better and the shade was non-existent.
Mixed with the concrete, it felt somewhat similar to the 7th circle of hell.
Drew was a champ....he yelled to everyone driving by.....
"Hey....want some MEMOLADE??!!??"

Quite frankly, when it is 400 degrees (heat index) and Drew Boynton offers you MEMOLADE...I feel, by all means, you should take it.....unless you have a dead heart, which some did, I will refrain from names.

At this point, Drew was a cute shade of purple and decided he should get in the shade.
Silly me, I thought, we would head back to The Crocker's....wrong again.
I turned to find Drew in the shadow of stop sign.
it barely covered his big toe. 

"The Lord watches over you--
The Lord is your shade at your right hand" ~Psalm 121:5

It struck me that when God says I Am your shade, He doesn't just cover your big toe....
He is covering you and me, from head to toe.
In Him, each of us have our personal, "umbrella from the heat." 

Heat might look like a summer day in might be test results, anxiety, fear, disappointment, insecurity, trouble or worry. No matter what the threat or attack is...His protection will surround and cover us.

Friday turned out to be more than a lemonade stand-
It was a lesson from God Himself. 

 "The God- begotten are also the God-protected.
The evil one can't lay a hand on them" ~1 John 5:19 

God, Thank You for the shade only You can provide.

In His Dust,

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Jackie Meyer said...

Love this...especially fun when you know the cast of characters!