Monday, August 20, 2012

Lord Have Murphy....

I had lunch with Lukey Duke and Kate on Friday.

Someone at the table may or may not have been in time out...which led to the discussion of getting in trouble and being forgiven.
Kate gave me a long explanation of forgiveness....

"We all mess up sometimes, but if we ask Jesus to forgive us, He just does."

Then I was informed by the toe headed one...that when we did mess up....
"Jesus would have MURPHY on us." 

I assumed the character below is Murphy. 

However....lo and behold....Murphy is not the precious red head on Luke, in this picture.
Upon further investigation and conversation- over 14 packets of butter on one tortilla....
I found out He was referring to... 

            "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy." ~Matthew 5:7

Mercy, as well as Murphy, always forgives and perseveres. We all need Murphy.

God, Thank You for Your Mercy. May we notice, care and act on the troubles of others, just as You do for us.

In His Dust,

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