Monday, June 25, 2012

The Fish...

I was talking with some kids the other day about the "fish." 

There are many theories as to why.
Early Christian believers often used the "fish" symbol. 
Jesus said, "Come follow Me and I will send you out to fish for people." ~Matthew 4:19

In the years following the ascension of the resurrected Jesus to heaven, the Christian church grew rapidly. 
Christians were the subjects of persecution by both the Romans and the Jews. In many places, it was very dangerous to be known as a Christian. Therefore, when two strangers met and thought maybe they were fellow believers, one of them would draw, on the ground, the upper half of the fish symbol.
Recognizing the symbol, the second person would add a second curved line and complete the drawing of a fish.
Simple. It could be drawn quickly, and erased just as quickly if need be.
Explaining it in the Valero parking lot's dirt, last week, made me question.....

Am I putting the initial line in the sand for people? 
Am I responding by, "completing the fish" when I see it?
Are you?

God, Thank You for the opportunities you give us in teaching, to be taught.

In His Dust,

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