Monday, March 26, 2012

Katie's Confirmation...

So we go to Katie's confirmation on Thursday night.

We got all dressed up and even packed a super sized dose of jet lag from Africa-
Which was just perfect, for a 2 hour service, led by an almost 80 year old bishop...and as a bonus....started with these guys.
(I quickly realized that they must be the Catholic Cavaliers.) So, I figured I better settle in and buckle up.
Then came by BFF....
Katie looked gorgeous as usual- of course
There was strong intent in our pew,
to stay awake and be a part of the programThis is literally 3-5 minutes later....
I turned to check "Number One" behind me and he was sawing African logs....
by the time I turned back around....
Big Mike had curled up and was in for the night...

and these "boats" were in my lap...Well, we survived the 2 hour mass, which was beautiful and really special.

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." ~Proverbs 22:6

As I watched Katie get confirmed, I could feel my friend, her grandmother, Big Kak
beaming with pride at Katie and Kakie.
The Scripture was playing out before my eyes.

The way she has been raised and the passing along of their faith,
has been and still is inspirational for me to watch. It strengthens my faith.

We headed over to Paesano's to celebrate....
sleeping beauty found his place on the table....Then crawled up in my lap and
quickly turned into grumpy bones jones...
The evening was capped off with these long legged cats crammed in my car, for a drop off at the Hunger Games....which quite frankly I am still trying to understand.

God, Thank You for Katie....her mom and her grandmother.

In His Dust,

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