Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God's State of The Union...

What if God were to appear and give His State of the Union Message....Maybe in that message, He would talk about important issues facing us....He might even offer His ideas on solving the nation's problems,
including suggestions for new laws and policies....
He might know of better ways to behave...better ways to treat each other

Wouldn't that be something?!
He might read a speech or talk from His Heart.

If we were all sitting there, would we pay attention or take heed of His wisdom?

Or would we be too busy texting...or checking our emails.

When He was finished, would there be an opposing response?
Would it be from you?
Would it be from me?
Would we be the ones offering God our ideas and solutions on how to improve things?

Sounds absurd doesn't it?
Absurd, but familiar...

It appears He has written a "speech"...we refer to it as The Bible.

God, Thank You for continuing to deliver Your Opinions, Ideas & Desires through Your Word.
May the "state of our union" be pleasing in Your sight.

In His Dust,


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