Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"Jesus isn't going to try and speak over the noise in our lives;
He doesn't always whisper, but He never competes." ~Bob Goff

God speaks in many ways.
Sometimes loud like thunder...
Sometimes gentle like a whisper...
Hearing God can be hard not because He is not speaking clearly,
but because of our own noise.
Our lives are loud.
Most of us operate at a near frantic pace all day long.

But the facts are....our lives aren't changing- they aren't going to suddenly be still or silent...
The noise, demands, and distractions of our lives are real.
Ironically, these are the places we
really need to hear from God.

Don’t think you have to wait for a retreat or a literal silent moment, to hear God.
He is speaking to you in the middle of everything you are doing.

Including right now. Yes, right now as you read these words.

God, Thank You for your patience with us.

In His Dust,


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