Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday of Holy Week...

A recap of the week.....According to good Reverend Big Mike D....aka Mikey.

Me: Mikey, do you know the story of Easter?

Mikey: Yeth. Thith ith what happened... Sunday wath Palm Thunday.
Thursday was Palm Thursday.

Me: What?
Mikey: What!
Me: Then what?
Mikey: Friday....nuthin.
Me: really, Nothing on Friday?
Mikey: Right. Then on Thaturday...He got on a croth....
and hung there for three dathe.

Me: Can you believe He did that for us?
Mikey: No. I would not do that. Ever.
Me: Then what?
Mikey: Then He died. Then he busted out of the tomb and wath like, WHAT UP!?

Say what you will about Mikey's version of the week...He sure got the main point-
Jesus died for us.
Jesus rose for us.
Jesus is coming back again.

Now according to the Gospels on this day...

-Religious leaders probably continued plotting Jesus' death, and Judas agreed to betray him for thirty lousy pieces of silver.

I wonder...was He able to sleep at night? Was there a countdown in His head...did He keep asking what time it was? Did He have an appetite? Did He ever get frustrated, looking at the faces, He knew were about to betray Him?

It seems as if, He probably did what He always did...talked TO and ABOUT His Father.

His "face set like flint"towards Jerusalem- with your face in His Heart.

God, Thank You for what you endured for each of us. May we all be like children that know three facts- You died, You rose again, You are coming back.

In His Dust,


*last part posted in 2008

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