Friday, April 30, 2010


Live from Chicago..... I'm at the Q Conference- sitting, learning, discussing, wrestling and marinating on the teachings among 650 of the world's leading theologians, artists, communicators and thinkers.....and then....
All of this with a side of deep dish pizza...cold beer...great friends and laughing until tears roll down our cheeks... Some thoughts from the week....

Where are we pursuing the prodigals to let them know their story doesn't end in the valley?

Who do u think of when u hear the word "Christian?"
Who do u think of when u hear the word "Christ-like?"

There is a place for apologetic, but it's not the first place

Fear does horrible things and Fear and Love can't coexist.

Once you get numb to human suffering, that’s the beginning of the end.

Hey church - it is more important to tell the truth about your failures than to present your agenda

I plead with you today stop being the gatekeeper and start acting like Jesus.

Preach Jesus- not salvation.

What if you live as a middle-class-in-spirit, instead of a poor-in-spirit person?

God, Thank You for this opportunity to just sit back and listen to You.

In His Dust,


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had some pretty wonderful insights, and I for one needed to hear (read) them today! Thank you God, through Debbi, for giving me just what I needed!!
Love you,