Monday, April 12, 2010

8th grade...

We just confirmed 57 8th graders yesterday! (with 3 more scheduled.)
It was great- we spent a year together studying, laughing, serving, bonding,
and studying some more. It all culminated yesterday morning, as they stood before the congregation and confessed their faith in Christ. It was fantastic-
Do you remember 8th grade?
Were you too tall or too short? Too skinny or not skinny enough? Too loud or too quiet? Too smart or not smart enough? Not enough friends...or too many that weren't "real" friends?
All of those awkward moments- where everyone around you told you "who you were."
I dare to suggest, there is still an "8th grader" in all of us.

David McNitzky spoke yesterday of a village in Burundi...where there are no mirrors.
Not a single one.
They believe that those that love you tell you who you are...or what you look like.

So, to the Class of 2010,
May you know who you are in Christ first and foremost...from this day on.
I'm proud of you guys-always remember that- HE believes in YOU.
God, Thank You for the opportunity to learn more about You, along side these fabulous kids. May the 8th grader in each one of us, see ourselves in Your Eyes.
In His Dust,

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