Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, I'm chatting with Katie Bug yesterday, my precious niece/Goddaughter.
She says she is sitting with her "girlfriends" on the steps.

Me- What are they doing?
K- Nuffing.
Me- Where are they?
K- just went in the backyard to the slip and slide.
Me-How fun.
K- Wanna see what I am going to be for Halloween?
Me- Yes, and I would also like to know what the girlfriends are gonna be for Halloween?
K-(without hesitation) Hello Kitty, A Princess and a Monkey.
Me- Well, of course they are. What else would they possibly be.
K- Ummmmmm, actually, hold on, I have a call, it's the girlfriends.
Me- Well, by all means, feel free to take that call.

I walk the golf course every day…with Jesus.
Yes. With Jesus.
I talk, I sing, and I listen to Him.

I’m sure there are people that wonder who I am talking to.

But I don’t care.
I know exactly Who I am talking to and Who I am hearing from.
God, please give us the "sight" to see You. As Katiebug holds her girlfriend's hands in this picture, please teach us to hold this tight, to You.
In His Dust,

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