Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mikey Rocks...

So, Mikey and I took an afternoon field trip to go see Darrell Smith lead worship for over 3,000 this week.
First thing you should know, is Mikey thinks Darrell is the equivalent of Elvis and The Beatles all rolled into one. So the mere thought of seeing him play for a crowd was....well...highlight of the summer...and possibly 5 years of life.
We arrive and are given "backstage passes."
Mikey of course, is equipped with his red electric guitar, his blankie and a thumb plugged in his mouth. (picture Linus in a rock band)

while practicing, Darrell allows Mikey on to the stage...

Here he is realizing Darrell is on the Jumbo-tron.
However, Mikey is not just an observer...he is a rock he did what rock stars do....

He rocked!

And found himself in the spotlight and up on the jumbotron...of course he was busting out "Rock you Like a Hurricane" (thanks Guitar Hero)

which sounded really pretty, along with Darrell's "Everlasting God"

so, then we head up to the dressing room to get ready for the actual performance...

We pray first...and the little rock star watched one of his heros bow his head...and talk to Jesus.

All of a sudden, the guitar didn't was a man showing a child what matters.

It was God reminding all of us in the room- He is our audience.

The conversation on the way home went something like this:

M-"Duhhbbi, thankths for taking me to my firtht conthert. Darrell was good."

D-"it was fun wasn't it?"

M-"I liked that he talked to Jesus first."

D- "Me too Mikey."

M-"Do you think he knows KISS?"

God, thank you for eyes that watch us...our every move. May we be ever mindful.

In His Dust,


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