Monday, June 1, 2009

The Common...

When Moses reached out and took hold of the snake,
it again became a stick in his hand."
~Exodus 4:4

"Just as Moses' hand touched the squirmy scales of the snake, it hardened.
And Moses lifted up the rod....

The same rod he would lift up to divide the water and guide two million people through a desert. The rod that would remind Moses that if God can make a stick become a snake, then become a stick again--then perhaps
he can do something with stubborn hearts and stiff-necked people.

Perhaps he can do something with the common." -Max Lucado
I believe He can and does use common objects....however, I have trouble sometimes remembering He can use common people to help.
God, help me to remember that You can and do, use those around me to help.
In His Dust,

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