Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Live At The Argyle...

I head to lunch Sunday....we are all in shorts, t-shirts and baseball hats...
all of us, but Big Mike D.

This is what is sitting across from me....

perhaps you notice a suit and tie....
That is because we are heading to a "fancy party" The Argyle.
Ummmm, in 6 hours.

So, when it is 6:00 and time to actually head to dinner...
the outfit is toned well as an added bonus to the party...
A live performance.
Now, at this point, some of you may notice, there is already a band, that seems to be playing...
but that would not suffice
Obviously, what was missing....was 2 midgets....and their "leaf" guitars.
Thank goodness these two were able to see what was needed and take action
Action just happened to be, a "leaf guitar solo" to Van Morrison. and a leaf violin solo....
you are welcome.

After a big gotta sit back
and open a cold one.
(Even if it just a root beer)
Watching this reminded me of how I sometimes I think I can "improve" upon God's plan.
I am no more than a kid with an air guitar made out from a leaf.
God, thank you for your patience with me. For listening to my song. May I always be in tune with Your's.
In His Dust,

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