Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ice Fishing...

Mother's Day Lunch- I am sitting next to this.
I keep hearing in my left ear- "Duhhbbbi, check it out- I am catching ice fish."
When I finally turn to see what exactly is going on...I see this....an ice fisherman.

Apparently, they are often found in a Dr. Pepper and once caught,
they are to be transported immediately into a napkin.

You see, this is how it goes...

Here is a close up on the catch, there were 21.
Which is the limit on ice fish.

Sometimes, you have to stand back and admire your catch-

As I watched Mikey break a sweat to haul in this "catch"-
I thought of how I "fish", for worries.
They serve no purpose....they melt away. I tend to set them out and review over them....wondering how much bigger they could get.
Of course after prayer, and time....they tend to grow smaller and eventually disappear, They are hardly ever what they appear to be.
God, please forgive me for catching my "ice fish"=worries and making them bigger than my trust in You.
In His Dust,

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