Monday, May 18, 2009


If Grace has a definition- it is undeserved favor.
If Grace has a destination-it is the arms of someone you know loves you.
If Grace has a job- it is to pray for each other.*
Grace is Compassion, Gratitude, Surrender, Faith, Forgiveness, Reverence and the list goes on.
How you climb up a mountain is just as important as how you get down it.
So it is with life, which for many of us it is just one big gigantic test followed by one big gigantic lesson.
In the end it all comes down to one word- Grace-
It's how you accept winning or losing, the darkness or light.
It's something money can't buy.
It's not being the smartest, the richest, the most talented, or even the prettiest.*

God's Riches At Christ's Expense.
God, thank you for giving us a fresh start every day to get it right. Thank you for showing up in people, things and places where we do not expect you.

In His Dust,
*Stolen (aka borrowed), from Philosophy cosmetics.

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