Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beer Pops...

So...I head over to my Goddaughter's school....apparently, my presence was requested at the trade fair...
I of course, having no idea what to expect, having avoided this for umpteen years.......assume, I am going to be bored to tears walking around and forced to buy some book for the library...

That is not what I find....
Bought this bad boy for .75
Look familiar?
If you think it looks like an icy beer...on a are correct, sir.
D-Is this a beer on a stick?
K-No! It is a pineapple on a stick.
D-Really? Because it looks like a frosty beer on a stick-
K-Nope, it is for sure a pineapple. buy one and taste it-
D-Ok...ummmm...this smells like a beer...and it tastes like a beer...and I am going to go ahead and let you know little one, that this is indeed a beer on a stick.
K- I don't think so.
D- You aren't selling a bunch of these are you?
K- Just a few.

The Biblical lesson in this....not sure.

Are you going to say no to this kid?

God, I thank you for life- for humor and for my Goddaughter and her innocence.

In His Dust,



Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of the beer pops or candy cigarettes my kid comes home with

Debbi's Blog said...

you are such an uptight parent!