Monday, October 13, 2008

Michael and Gracie...

This is Gracie

She is a constant reminder to all that know of her- that God answers prayer-
and although she is not able to get the words out- I am almost sure she is thinking -
"Check me out! I am the physical proof of answered prayer!!!"

They said she would never crawl....but as I wrote this...she crawled at the speed of light almost all the way up to the stage where her Daddy was preaching-(taking a small detour to smile at her great Granny). Her Daddy was preaching on prayer and healing- and to hear her giggling and cruising around-was just about the best show and tell anyone could possibly have had.

This child is a blessing to our church...our community and all that know her name. As his her daddy-who opens up and allows us to hear the raw thoughts in his heart regarding this precious baby girl of his. He has taught all of us- how powerful and good God is- no matter what he is dealt- He sees God answering and standing beside him.

He will read this and no doubt, have some sarcastic response-which is fine with me.
On behalf of everyone touched by Gracie-
We stand in the gap for you and your family and we will not cease.
We realize how hard it is to stand up there and open your heart in front of God and everyone (literally). We do not take your honesty or willingness to share for granted.

In the Name of Jesus, we ask for health and total healing for your entire family-
Christ shines, speaks, teaches and loves us, through you Crocker-
Thank you for sharing your Grace and God's Grace.... with all of us-
We are better and stronger by your example.

Grace and Peace,



Anonymous said...

wellllll, my precious child...God has certainly placed His hand on your head.....and holds your you go racing through life..know that i love and adore every inch of you,everything that you do and everything that you say......bless you.........hh

Anonymous said...


Pops and Nana said...

AMEN and AMEN!, Blessings to the Crocker family and to you, Debbi, precious child of God.
Love, HB

The Garrison's said...

Amen sister...go on! And I agree...WHOLEHEARTEDLY! Love the blog! Adding it to my link list on mine now! You rock DC! Check out my blog and click on the link to someting Ross wrote. Really good.