Monday, February 8, 2016

Who Cares...

Last week, an irate lady came to see us at the church.
She marched in as mad as a hornet....
apparently, the city was moving a bus bench in front of our church.
She told us this was going to cause a "huge inconvenience for her and her dog to walk around."
She then proceeded to draw us a "map" of how things used to look and how she needs them to look.

My face showed great concern for her "problem." 

My mind? Not so much concern. 
I thought, "WHO CARES?"
Which is when I heard God say- "I DO."

Yes, Sir.
I was immediately corrected and humbled upon realizing she brought her concern to God's House. And who was I, to decide what needed to matter to her???

Scripture says that God is interested in every little detail of our lives

"God cares, cares right down to the last detail." ~James 5:11

God cares about when we sit down and when we stand up....

God cares about the number of hairs on our head...
God says, according to Job, that He even "counts our steps."
Yes, a tad more reliable than your Fitbit?

God says, according to Isaiah, "The Lord will guide you continually"

Bottom line is, God cares about what you care about....
because He cares about YOU.

This includes cheerleading game outcomes...which baseball team you get on...the argument you had with your spouse this morning...your worry about having enough hours in the day to get things done...your anxiety about a relationship and yes,
 even your concern about a bus bench.

 He cares about these things in the midst of world hunger, war, cancer, orphans and all the "big" stuff that we think He might be more concerned with. 

Don't assume He is not big enough--to handle all of it. 
Don't you let anyone tell you otherwise.
 If you question it, Ask Him.

God, Thank You for Your Steadfast Love & concern for each and every moment of our lives.

In His Dust,