Monday, October 20, 2014

Questions And Answers...

So last week I got a call from an 11 year old with some questions about what she read in The Bible. 
I felt confident in my knowledge....because it was an 11 year old...
how hard could her questions be??? 
They were from Leviticus. 
Good times.

You can imagine my excitement...since I am practically an expert on Leviticus and by expert, I am referring to.... I am able to spell L-E-V-I-T-I-C-U-S

I tried to remain calm as the kid asked me 224 questions on God's Laws and Why He made them. 

I have to tell you, I loved the conversation I had with her. She was honestly seeking and digging in The Text.
I thought to myself, I wish I had an expert on Leviticus here to help me....and then realized, if God wanted her with an expert, He would have put one in her path.
He didn't.
He put me in her path.
He told me not to be intimidated about what I didn't know....
But, to be confident in what I did know.

I know God's Character.
I know He is loving and just...and therefore, if He makes a rule, it is for our best interest....
no matter what. 

I think it is important for kids to know that we don't have all the answers...
because we don't need to have them.....God does.

God, Thank You for not commanding us to understand You, but to love You.

In His Dust,

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