Monday, July 28, 2014


Last week our church community had the opportunity to take backpacks, filled with school supplies, to Somalian refugees right in our backyard. 

Here is what I know....In 1985 we sat in Mrs. Moore's Geography class.
 (1st period, our Senior Year) 
Stacey, Francie and I were way to busy flirting with Shawn, Harding and Grady 
to be worrying about where Somalia was....

Which is how I ended up Googling "Somalia" in 2014....
Which is what lead me to believe I would soon be meeting up with Johnny Depp.  
He was not there when I arrived. Nor was he there when I left hours later.

Here is who was. 
and here is what I actually learned about Somalia.
It is filled with people that God loves and listens to.
Little girls who just want to go to school safely 
 parents who want to provide an education for their children.... 
I was reminded that Our Father, cares about details....not just starving kids in Africa.
Sometimes God knows his children would be thrilled to pieces over a box of Kleenex..
and He shows up with it!
He hears all of our hearts...
He carries them, as well as us on His Very Own Back.

I quickly noticed this angel face in red, 
She began to put her precious self and smiling face into every family picture we took-
 (Which tickled me to no end.) 
She locked eyes with me and stepped right up to the camera....
like she had 90 problems, but being precious wasn't one of them.
As I watched family after family walking up to receive their backpacks...
I was shown by God, that these Somalian Refugees were giving US the gift. 
"How beautiful the feet of those on the mountain
    who declare the good news of victory, of peace and liberation." -Isaiah 52:7
THEY were bringing us the good news, that God answers prayers.

Some people just take your breath away and with one glance, 
you might forever be changed....

 "Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce 
The Message of God's Good News to one and all." ~Mark 16:15

Most days, going "in to the world" might mean you don't even have to leave your zip code.

God, Thank You for making it so easy for us to serve you...and in doing so, receive ten-fold.

His Dust,


Anonymous said...

Loved this post and the pics Miss Debbi.
I am Tina Magness's mom.

Debbi's Blog said...

Hi up there in Fort Worth!!!! xxoxoxox