Monday, March 24, 2014

No Parking Here....

Well, I was at a luncheon...about to give the invocation when I heard this...
"Quick announcement, there are two cars that need to be moved. 
You are blocking a driveway."

My thoughts? Great, now I have to wait longer to get up and pray....
what idiot couldn't figure out how to park- there are plenty of places out there....
I bet it is some entitled idiot...I bet they were so rushed to get here...they should have left on time....

That's when I heard "License Plate BKS965....Black Suburban." 
Uh. Oh. 

Did I mention I was about to give the invocation?
Did I mention I possibly had judgmental thoughts about the inept parker?

I gave a sheepish glance to the man sitting next to me....and at the speed of light,
he jumped up to move my car.

My Daddy.

While I sat the table in the front of the room, looking innocent....
My Daddy stood up in front of 500 people, friends, clients and strangers, to take responsibility for the mistake of his child....while people giggled and pointed at him.
Why did he do it? 
Just because...
He's my Dad.

Of course, I cleared his name the moment I got the mike in my hand.
I confessed the error of my ways and thanked sweet Mac Mac.
It was a great lesson and reminder for me in the middle of Lent.

We all make mistakes and fall short...but more importantly....
We all have a Father that was willing to Pay The Price for them

"God plays no favorites. 
It makes no difference who you are or where you're from." - Acts 10:34

Nutshell: He "moves all of our cars."

A room full of people saw a man cleaning up his daughter's mistake.
I saw the grace of God. And I saw it in my Daddy.

God, Thank You for gentle and powerful reminders of how much You love each one of us.

In His Dust,


Lil said...

Beautiful!!! And what a reminder to us all!

Kathy Brown said...