Monday, November 18, 2013


So we headed to dinner on Saturday night with Big Mike D and gang...
After dinner, as we walked in the parking lot, some grubby little fingers tapped me and asked me this....

BMD: "Can I tell you something?" 
DCC: "Of course."
BMD: "I bet when you die and Jesus is tryin' to figure out if He'll let you in.....
           I think He's gonna say yes. Come on in." 

(Wanting to bust in to a theological explanation...I refrained and went with....)
Me:"Thank you Mikey. I appreciate your confidence. I think you are too. 
        As a matter of fact- I know you are." 

BMD: "I've been watching you and I saw you walk over to that sick boy and pat him. 
          And I saw your face when you looked at him. 
          It's're nice to people you don't have to be nice to."
DCC: "That's a load off my mind Mike." 
(my mind raced to what else he had been watching and seeing. Ayyyy Chihuahua!)

I was reminded in such a sweet way- by such a sweet little buddy of mine- that our actions are screaming above our words. 
He didn't hear what I said to the "sick boy" he saw how I treated him.

Obviously, I quickly realized I had just gone to Alamo Cafe with Robert Deniro....
Had he been counting the buttery tortillas I had just inhaled? 
Maybe not...but he was sure silently watching the way I treated people....
and not just the good moments.

He is watching you too. 
Might not be Mikey....but someone is....
someone short...and impressionable.
Which begs the question.....who are WE watching? 

"Keep your eyes on Jesus, 
who both began and finished this race we're in." ~Hebrews 12:2

Because who WE watch and exactly who THEY are really watching...and chances are....mimicking as well.

God, Thank You for the reminder and encouragement you give us all in unexpected ways.

His Dust,

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