Monday, October 14, 2013

Less Math and More Jesus....

"For the execution of the voyage to the indies, I did not make use of intelligence, mathematics or maps." - Christopher Columbus

"It was The Lord who put it in my mind....There is no question that the inspiration was from The Holy Spirit....No one should fear to undertake any task in The Name of our Saviour
if it is just and if the intention is purely for His Holy Service" - Christopher Columbus.

There you have it..... 
1. No need for Math.
2. All credit to God.

This is why your kids are home today...and I am down with that.

"The Lord Directs our steps 
so why try to understand everything along the way?"-Proverbs 20:24

Sometimes it is hard to understand anything along the way....much less everything
Which is probably why God makes it clear...we are not supposed to.

We are only supposed to remain in relationship with Him....Whom we can not control.

God, Thank You for loving us first and foremost. Your patience with our questions and doubts shows that.

In His Dust,

...or if that is too can always try this.


Lil said...

Yay, Debbi!!

Anonymous said...

Umm. I was told there'd be no math.