Monday, September 9, 2013

White Jeans....

Ok, so here's the deal...I am struggling with the season change. 

And by season change, I refer only to the calendar month....
not the temperature....because according to the temp, it is July 4th.
Which leads me to....

Dear Fall, I am not playing with you. At least until you start treating me better.
Yes, I know full well the law of no white shoes and no more linen...
Being raised by Momo and Weezie, leaves no room for doubt on these rules.
Francie, Kakie, Matthew and I have dished out many a fashion ticket over the years to offenders.....
But dang, my white jeans too? (It is 400 degrees outside!!!)

Please don't misunderstand....I am very happy for the change of season- 
I get anxious in Summer, so the structure of Fall is very comforting to me.

This past summer, God reminded me who I am.
He also showed me, "Never will I leave you; Never will I forsake you." Hebrews 13:5b

So, whether your schedule is jam packed, or clear....
Whether you are in running shorts in July or white jeans in Sept.
May you be reminded of who you are today.

You are a child of The One True & Living God. 
King of kings 
Controller of our calendars 
You are the one He loves. 
A Son or Daughter of The God of all seasons.

God, Thank You for loving me for who I am...including anxious days that I wear white jeans after Labor Day. 

In His Dust,

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