Monday, September 16, 2013

Use Your Blinker...

I am not new to lights in my rear view mirror. 
However the ones that I saw last week, surprised me, because I wasn't speeding.

And then, I got to meet a very angry and rude policeman that was none to happy about the way I changed from one lane to the other. 
So unhappy, that he decided to give me 2 tickets for it.  
(Improper lane change and improper use of signal=$400.00) 

I thought I was going to have to bust out a "Don't Taze Me Bro."     
     ...but I refrained.

On the bright side, when I told my mom how rude the policeman was
  she informed me that she wanted to call the sheriff. 
(Yes, my mommy wanted to call the sheriff, of the 7th largest city in the US,
 to report someone being rude to her baby.
This is one of 6 gazillion reasons I love my mama.)

That is what a good parent does- they pull for you,
 while allowing justice to be meted out.

It is certainly what Our Father, God does.
He gives us free will and doesn't stop the consequences that come from our choices. 
If we don't put on our blinker, then we break a law and we get a ticket.
But we have a father pulling for us...and cheering us on. 
He is for us, not might be for us....
 or should be for us....
But IS for us.

His loyalty or love does not waver, even if you don't put on your turn signal.
When you are tired and anxious and overwhelmed...He is saying Your Name

"I have written your name on my hand." -Isaiah 49:16

God, Thank You for cheering for me, no matter what...and for parents that do the same. 

In His Dust,

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