Monday, August 19, 2013

Thingamajiggys, iTunes & Mac Mac...

Some of you will recall the day Mac Mac got his first iPhone.
'Twas back in ye olden days of 2009.
In case you missed this fun....please join me as we time travel to the joyous event.....
My dad got an iPhone.

Those of you that know him....well, let's just say, we have just given a monkey keys to a Ferrari.
Don't get me wrong- my Daddy is the charts.

The finest architect I have ever known or been aware of.
He is honest to a fault....his word is his bond.
His handshake is from West is strong and binding.
His heart is as sensitive as the touch pad on his new phone.
But technology.

Ummm....not so much.....
I feel certain, handling the repercussions of this purchase, will soon be become my new part time job.

First of all, he refers to it as his iPod.I can't even begin to tell him this also has an iPod on it.
Not to mention, all of the other features it has on it.
He gave me about 5 minutes, to explain the entire thing...and accidentally "prank" called about 4 people shortly there after.
Thank goodness my brother is an attorney. This is a potential law suit waiting to happen.

Another thing, he informed me he is, and I quote, "not interested in getting iTunes. Whatever that is- I don't need it or have time for it!"

I wonder, if God must have felt this way, in a much smaller scale, 
when He decided to give us free will?

This monkey writing this blog has wrecked many a Ferrari. 

Fast Forward to 2013....
Houston we've had to upgrade.

And ohhhhhh, the problems....

"I've got some ridiculous thingamajiggy" 
(his actual description removed to protect you) 
that doesn't fit in my car charger!!!"

"They're trying to make me buy the iTunes- 
and I am NOT getting involved in that racket!!!"
(Oh, the irony in iTunes for Mac )

"Who can I call to get past all this malarkey!?!"

Ummmm, short of calling Ashton Kutcher to get his thoughts on the problem, 
we're gonna have to trust, that this is all designed, 
to work a certain way 
and to accomplish a certain purpose.

That is when it struck me, the similarity in how our Creator designed all of us.
To work a certain way...
To accomplish a certain purpose.
and only He can answer our questions.

"Surely, as I have thought and planned, so shall it come to pass, 
and as I have purposed it, so shall it stand." ~Isaiah 14:24

I know for me, trusting at times can feel frustrating, overwhelming and foreign.

"You are my God; I will exalt You, I will praise Your Name, for You have done wonderful things, even purposes planned of old in faithfulness and truth." ~Isaiah 25:1

God, Thank You for allowing and even encouraging our questions, concerns and doubts. 

In His Dust,


Anonymous said...

well after I stop laughing maybe I can think of something clever love it Debs and you and what you do every day
!! Dad

Day said...

that is exactly how Paxton reacted to his iPhone!!!!! He is slowly 'getting' it....and he had that big phone in the first picture!!!!!