Monday, February 11, 2013


James Taylor appearing at the Inauguration, like a knight on a white horse renewed my hope in seeing familiar music faces.
It messed me up. 
It raised my hopes and carried over into last night's Grammy's.

I watched...and kept my eyes and ears peeled for someone I knew or an outfit I understood.

Then around the corner like a pot of gold.....popped up Elton John.

and then Carrie....who was like a one woman coronation. 
(I am certain The Order of The Alamo is currently investigating this concept)
 and then a well dressed JT...
and dang...He was 18 levels of pretty.

And then as soon as I put my guard down....
this appeared. 
My reaction...was....akin to this.

I THINK he was part Liberace, a dash of Indian (Tatonka) with a side of Cher (circa 1970.)

I was quickly reminded to not put my guard down.

"Keep your guard up. You're not the only ones plunged into these hard times. 
So keep a firm grip on your faith." ~1 Peter 5:9

God, Thank You for Your Encouraging Words. 

In His Dust,

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Anonymous said...

you should warn people to put their Depends on before reading!!!!!!!!!!! at least you knew a few of those people.... maybe i could borrow Carrie's dress for Fiesta..............I think i saw feathe-man at the Menger last year!